Virology and Virus Uses: Accelerating therapeutic approach

Virology and Virus Uses: Accelerating therapeutic approach Photo

Viral machinery has been used extensively in biological research and human welfare. Since being simple system of virus providing the advantage to manipulate or recombine with the existing mechanisms of replication, transcription, translation, functional protein formation and etc. which are of facilitating virologists and scientists to study in all convergent fields: cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, physiology, animal science (zoology), agriculture and plant science (botany), evolution, genetics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical sciences and etc. without limitations and having scope and hope for new era in research advancements. 

  • Viruses and Medicine
  • Viruses and Biological Research
  • Viruses in Vaccine Development
  • Viruses in Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • Viruses in Bacteriophage Therapies
  • Viruses in Nanotechnology
  • Viruses in Genetic Engineering
  • Viruses in Agriculture and Plant Sciences
  • Viruses in Molecular Biology and Immunology
  • Drug Development and Drug Delivery

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